Wednesday, March 4, 2009

These are adorable!!

Look at these super cute little "purses" I found the other day at my local Dillon's. There were 2 to a package and were on sale from Valentine's!! I knew the perfect thing to put in there and who to give it to. I had been saving a cute little TAC GWP stamp to give to my boss since she LOVES doggies. She has an entire room set up in her house for them with a bed and all!! It is just the cutest thing. Anyway, this is how I packaged this cute "paw print" stamp for her since she makes scrapbooks of her doggies!! The tag was made using Around and About Sentiments from PTI and a mini button for the center of the flower!!!


Anna said...

Just found your blog. Love it! Way cute little project too! I bet your boss will love it.

Babies- Beth said...

lol, I searched for the paw prints for 5 minutes before I realized that stamp is the gift, lol!! What a cute little purse to hold it!!

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