Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm back.....literally!!

Hello to you all......I am back both from the annual TAC seminar for angels and back into my blogging! I have been busy, so in the next few weeks you will go back in time with me to review some of the projects/cards that I have made. I know it has been almost 3 months since I've posted, I must confess.......I miss it!! And some of you would say, you've missed it too (I've heard this numerous times :) )

First up, I wanted to share my swap that I took to seminar with me. I used one of my favorite stamp sets called Build-a-flower from TAC and my new favorite punches, the Extra Jumbo flower and Super Jumbo flower punches!! I love these things paired with button centers.

Next up, are a couple of pics of some of the friends I knew and now know a lot better!! We had lots of laughs and definitely stayed up way too late!! Here were my roomies:
From left to right: Jen C., me, Laurie W., and Diane H.

Finally, here is a group picture of all us angels that hung out together during seminar!!

From left to right: me, Diane H., Laurie W., Jen C., Barb F., and Brenda H.

There will be more seminar pics posted in the coming days so please come back and thanks for stopping by today!! If you are interested in a new TAC catalogue, please email me....I have a limited number of catalogues.

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