Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello Spring!!

Hello to you and hello to spring!! Isn't this weather (70's) just wonderful? I love this kind of weather......leaving your windows open and being able to be outside without sweating!! Anyway, just wanted to say that I have been creating lately, but have been having computer issues so today I thought I should probably write something on the blog to explain where I have been. This weekend was kinda a bummer for me......all the "angels" from my upline's group (The Angel Company) had a "roundup weekend" in Salina where they made projects, swapped, and just had some fun. I had to skip out because it was my Saturday to you know how hard this was knowing lots of my friends were there in my home town stamping and having fun? It was SOOO hard!!! I hope to get updates from a few "angel" friends soon about some of the projects....:) I have to make a decision soon about attending the annual TAC seminar in Wichita which is such fun and certainly memory making but AGAIN it is my Saturday to work!!! Ughhhh!!!! I have to try and trade Saturdays with someone to be able to go. Cross my fingers!! Hopefully, my computer will be on the mend and I can post the things I've been working on. Until then.......:)


Jennifer Carter said...

We missed you Amy! I soooo hope that you can come to Seminar. We have a bed reserved for you in our room so you HAVE to be there! :)

I'm planning to upload some of the projects to my blog or PW soon, so if you don't see them before, maybe you can see them then.

Hope you're doing well!

Barb said...

I hope you can switch Saturdays in June... I'd love to see you at seminar!

Laurie said...

We did miss you! Hope to see you at Seminar!

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