Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pumpkin Decor....

How is everyone today?  I need to make this post quick as I need desperately to clean my upstairs because we leave today around 3 to go to The Zac Brown Band Concert and the Eat 'n Greet!  So, here is a little pumpkin decor that I still have out until Thanksgiving.  I made them for some gifts before Halloween.  Let me tell you.....these were soo simple and how cute?!  This idea came from Disney's Family Fun magazine....I love that magazine.  They have such cute kid-friendly craft ideas and so much other stuff.  Anyway, I bought some various shades of orange fabric "quarters" that were on sale at JoAnn's.  I then traced around several different sizes of plates/bowls on the backside of the fabric and cut out.  Then, using dental floss you just simply stitch around the outside of the circle and at the end you cinch it up so that you have a sack to fill.  Now, here's the RECYCLING part of this project (other than using up oodles of free dental floss) simply fill the sack with plastic grocery bags!!  If you are like us, we have tons of them but are going to switch over to the fabric reusable ones here soon.  Ok, just fill them to how "full" you want your pumpkin to be and cinch closed but before you tie it off, place a "stick" for the stem.  There you have it!!  The kids even helped stuff the sacks with the grocery bags and helped find the branches that I could break for stems.  How is that for simple decor?  Here is a close-up of my pumpkins!!  Enjoy!!

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