Saturday, June 26, 2010

Totally not papercrafting related.........

Hello!  I wanted to show you some pictures of why I didn't get to be an active participant in the June Papertrey Blog Hop.  I had a fantastic time at the Country Stampede.  What is the Country Stampede you may ask?  It is a 4 day event with like 5-6 country acts a day.  Well, I don't usually go to this but my husband works for the radio station that sponsors it so I decided to go once I heard that Danny Gokey, Darius Rucker, and Keith Urban were all going to be there yesterday! 
So, if you can bear some non-stamping we go!! 

First up is Danny Gokey.........are any of you American Idol fans?  Well, I am and I loved Danny on American Idol with his "where he came from story".  What a great show he put on and he is soo cute!  Have any of you heard his song.....My Best Days?  Here is a link to his video

We were very close to the stage to the right.  We were able to sit in the 94.5 Country VIP section and had access to plenty of cold water and even a little air conditioning once in a while!  Now, the port-a-potties that's a different story!  Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!  Especially in the dark! 
I had to use my phone to see where to go!  I know, TMI!!  :)

On to Keith Urban, I am totally in love with him!  Can you say HOT?  Here are some pictures of him singing.  I didn't realize he could play the guitar like that!  Wow!  Now these pictures do no justice to seeing him up close but a little on that in a minute!

Well, now we get to the awesome part of the concert!!  Keith Urban was singing to the right side of the stage and then he jumped into the crowd and started going down the main VIP aisles.  Then he jumped over the fence into the 94.5 Country VIP section (you see where I'm going now?)!!!!!  He walked right past me!!  Now, I was so star struck that he walked right by me that I didn't even get a good picture up close!  This is the best I got but this was during the madness of his security guys trying to keep the GA people away from him!!  That's Keith Urban with his arm up!

I tried to download a short video I took of him singing his song "Kiss a Girl" but I'm not sure why it wouldn't upload.  Here is a link to his song video.  Yesterday was actually Keith Urban and Nichole Kidman's anniversary.  He talked a couple of times about how she's the best thing that's happened to him.  He seems like a genuine nice guy and not to mention "nice on the eyes" too!!  My friend, Laurie, agrees and she wanted to come so bad but it just didn't work out.  We would have had a
great time swooning over Keith together!  LOL!
Thanks for letting me vent about my absence from the blog hop last night! 

I want to thank those who left comments on my post.
I am still getting through the blog hop list and it might take me a while to do this! 


Laurie said...

You know I am totally jealous! And SO happy for you too! :) Next year our date is on for Brad Paisley! We are so there!! So glad you had fun!!

Oh saw the pics of the cabin too! Looks like so much fun!

Bonita Rose said...

wow... sounds like such a good time!

Michele Kovack said...

oooohhhh....I am so jealous!!! Love Keith Urban!! You lucky girl!!!

Suzanne said...

Fun!!!! I am so happy that you had a great time!

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