Saturday, February 8, 2020

Reverse Confetti / February Blog Hop

OMG Blog Hop2

Welcome to the Reverse Confetti February Blog Hop!
Make sure to check out the Reverse Confetti blog for all the details of this hop and for a full list of inspiration and information.

This month we are bringing you inspiration using the adorable CRITTERS from the last release!  

I combined the cheerleading kitty from Cheerful Pals and the tiger from Flowers for a Friend.  My images were Copic colored and die cut.  I stamped the OMG sentiment in Piggy Bank, Flamingo, Tangerine Reverse Confetti inks.  After adhering a die cut black frame from All Framed Up Confetti Cuts, the OMG were adhered with foam adhesive as well as the critters..  I think these critters look so cute sitting and standing on the OMG sentiment!  To finish my card, a sentiment from OMG was stamped under the frame.

OMG Blog Hop


Make sure to visit more of the design team for inspiration using Reverse Confetti!


~amy~ said...

So super cute, I adore your color choices!

SmilynStef said...

love those pom poms

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NPurdum56 said...

Such a cute card. Thanks for sharing!

lovecraftingpaper said...

Hello, Amy,
your card is lovely. I adore the frame you used.


Melissa said...


Emporiaz said...

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